Logan, the Sky Angel Cowboy

It was so amazing, when we listen to this conversation..
A remarkable phone call from a  12 years old boy to Houston radio station  KSBJ
FM 89.3. So profound, the station has it posted on their  website.  Click
below to listen to it. It’s short (2:23 minutes).


I think, this to be a good idea if someone can turn his message into a lovely movie..

here’s some of their conversation..

Logan:Hi Mike can i talk to you?
Mike: You bet Logan, what’s up?
Logan: I want to tell you something that God just told me..
Mike: Okay?
Logan: last night my dad was roping this calf…
Logan: and this calf had been born from a really old cow..
Logan: she,she didn’t have really the greatest milk..
Logan: she didn’t have like the vitamin C and stuff..
Mike: Okay?
Logan: she broke her back..
Logan: this morning i went out and put her down myself..
Logan: I was talking to God and I was asking God why?
Logan: She was special..
Logan: And God said..
Logan: You know Logan, My Son was special..
Logan: “..but He died for a purpose..”
Logan: It’s kind of the same thing..
Logan: that calf was close to me..
Logan: and God’s Son was close to Him..
Mike: Logan, you’re so right..
Mike: It’s true..
Mike: Think you’re going to be okay?
Logan: yea, I’ll be fine..
Logan: but i just wanted to tell you guys that..
Logan: ..that’s so important..
Logan: Just remember when you lose a loved one or a pet..
Logan: ..always remember that God Gave His son too..
Logan: and He understands…
Logan: He alwasy Understands !
Logan: He will always, just run to Him
Mike: Logan, you’re wiser than you know buddy.
Logan: Well, sometimes i don’t think I’m wise..
Logan: Ah trust me, i’ve done a lot of stupid stuff..
Logan: But I’ve learned from it
Mike: Yeah but see buddy
Mike: that’s what makes you wise.
Mike: Somebody that  learns from their mistakes
Logan: ..Oh I just figured I better call and share with you guys..
Logan: Love you.
Mike: Love you too..
Logan: Bye..
Mike: Bye..bye..


~ by celemotan on 9 January, 2008.

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