What is Leadership – apa itu kepemimpinan? Part 3

Leaders see problem as OPPORTUNITIES

Crisis is an OPEN DOOR

An Opputunity to GAIN GROUND (menjadi lebih unggul).

Real Case:

Pada sirkuit balap, terdapat jalan lurus dan jalan berliku, pada saat terjadi balapan

Pada bidang mana dimana pembalap memiliki kesempatan lebih besar untuk mendahului lawannya? Apakah di jalan lurus? Atau jalan berliku?

Tentu saja pada saat jalan berliku.

Kesempatan datang saat jalan yang kita lewati berliku.


Good leaders rarely think in terms of BOUNDARIES (keterbatasan/ketidakbisaan),

Instead they think in terms of OPPORTUNITIES.

SELALU ADA CELAH dalam setiap tantangan.



Movie sample, brave heart, scene when Scottish soldier think about to make a bow twice length to defends their self from England.


Pertanyaan: ingatkan semua nama benda yang berwarna biru, pada saat maju ke depan dan ditanyakan, diminta peserta menyebutkan benda yang terlihat berwarna merah.


When leaders are confronted with a problem,

They get EXCITED.

When followers are confronted with a problem,

They get discouraged.

“Do problems ENERGIZE (menggairahkan) you or DEPLETE (menjatuhkan) you ?”


The discipline of innovation,

In business, innovation rarely springs from a flash of inspiration,

It arises from a Cold-eyed analysis of opportunities.

– Peter F. Drucker

(Selalu lihat hal-hal positive).


Leaders Thrive on Problems!

Real case from Honda

“I knew that if I could succeed in the world market, then automatically it would follow that we led in the japanese market.”


Mr. Honda menjadikan tantangan meraih market di USA sebagai kesempatan untuk memenangkan market dunia, dan hal ini terbukti.


When it was decided for honda products (Honda S800 coupe) to begin exporting, the USA was chosen as the key target.

The company was always to face its toughest challenges first, and America would prove that.


Mr. Honda’s views went counter to the direction of his own government and yet his company prospered.

With innovation developed by Mr. Honda, the company has become a technological force in the motorcycle and automotive industries and one of the largest automative manufactures in the world.


(Leader selalu menantang arus zaman).


The moment you are promoted to be a MANAGER, you become a PROBLEM SOLVER. Not detail oriented anymore.


Real case from Jack Welch

Background saat GE dimasuki oleh Jack welch:

  1. General Electric (GE) was founded by Thomas Alfa Edison in 1892
  2. The most successful American corporation
  3. Welch, the yougest CEO in GE history. Appointed in 1981 at 45 years old.


Beban yang dipikul oleh welch sangat besar, karena pride dan senioritas dari orang-orang GE membuat mereka memandang sebelah mata pada tindakan dan usaha Welch di dalam melakukan efisiensi.


“My biggest chalelnge was changing a company – which the outside world and the inside world thought was perfect – to fact realities of global competition in the 1980s and 1990s..

Everything was ‘running well’, I had to create a SENSE of URGENCY and DESIRE for radical CHANGE in the face of what appreared to be smooth sailing.”


Tindakan radical yang dilakukan Welch untuk melakukan restrukturisasi.

  1. Rid of Problem Products (menghapus)
  2. Focus on profitable business immune to foreign competition
  3. Eliminated 150.000 workers
  4. Sold more than 100 GE business
  5. Divested 408 business
  6. Made 1700 acquisitions


Real Case from Sam Walton (Wal-Mart’s)

“It was totally unproven at that time …I’m a pretty conservative guy.

But for some reason in business. I have always been driven to buck (mendobrak)  the system, to take things beyond where they’ve been.”


“The establishment made me mad. When those Butler brothers folks turned down my discounting idea, I got a little angry, and decided to swim (keluar) upstream on my own.”


“After a lifetime of swimming upstream, I am convinced that one of the real secrets to Wal-mart’s phenomenal success has been that very tendency (to Swim upstream).”




Drastic times need drastic actions



Real case from Lee Iacocca (Chrysler CEO), sacrifices yang dilakukan oleh Lee untuk mengubah kondisi Chrysler:

  1. Lee Reduced own salary to $1 for one year (tidak mendapatkan gaji sama sekali).
  2. Cut employee wages from $2 to $ 1.15 per hour.
  3. In 19 months, an average guy at Chrysler gave up almost $10.000
  4. Fired 33 out of 35 Vice presidents, in ONE month.
  5. 1979-1980 mass firing
  6. Lay of thousands of workers
  7. April 1980 – Fired 7.000 more
  8. Few months later – fired 8.500 salaried workers
  9. Across the board – Indians & Chiefs (Memangkas habis dari kepala hingga bawahan).


EQUALITY of sacrifice (Suffering together)

“People accept a lot of pain if everyone’s going through it together.

If everyone is suffering equally, you can move a mountain.”


Straight Talking with the union

(Dalam satu kesempatan, Lee menawarkan kesempatan akhir kepada para buruh dengan sebuah pembicaraan yang langsung terbuka)

“Hey boys, I’ve got a shotgun at your head.

I’ve got thousands of jobs available at $17 an hour. I’ve got none at $20.

So you better come to your senses.”

“You’ve got until morning to make a decision. If you don’t help me out, I’m going to low your brains out. I’ll declare bankrupt in the morning and you’ll all be out of work.

You’ve got 8 hours to make up your minds. It’s up to you.”



(Kemampuan menyatukan team).

Vision begins with one person, but it is only achieved by many people

Sample movie from baywatch (Kevin Kostner), berkorban dalam dinginnya es yang mengajarkan gejala hypertermia.


A common PURPOSE


Symbol lebih penting dari nama,

Symbol adalah sumber kebanggaan,

Tanpa symbol tidak ada kebanggaan.

A common ENEMY

            When you have common enemy you will unity & fight together.


Contoh leaderships,

          Menjadi seorang tai chi master, yang mendistribusikan semua tugas kepada orang lain.

          Menjadi seorang kung fu master, yang menerima dan melakukan semua tugas dari orang lain.


Question: Apakah yang menjadi common PURPOSE, IDENTITY dan ENEMY anda?


Great leaders are entertaining

          Ability to engage the group

          Has a mood range

          Keep it serious, Keep It fun (know when to have serious, get silly or humors).

          Ability to hook you (menarik perhatian)


Do Leaders always have all the answers?

NO, a leader an be uncertain, but NEVER UNCLEAR.

(bisa tidak pasti, tetapi tidak boleh tidak jelas, seluruh keputusan yang diambil harus jelas alasan dibalik pengambilan keputusan tersebut).


What do leaders do in UNCERTAIN time ?

They Study other leaders who have led in similar times and succeeded.

Contoh: Mayor New york Guilini yang belajar dari pengalaman sulit Winston Churchill.


The most successful leaders are those who know in which situations they are best suited to lead.


Leaders MUST have a PASSION to lead (it’s not just about born or by made).


Wibawa tidak tergantung pada bentuk fisik, contoh: tidak ada perbedaan kharisma antara Bill Clinton (presiden USA yang gagah dan kuat) dibandingkan dengan kharisma Mahatma Gandhi yang berkali-kali nyaris kehilangan nafas dengan aksi puasanya.


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