PocketDay – Reply As New

Jika anda sebagai pengguna Blackberry, pasti sering merasakan sulitnya reply email tanpa membawa ’email-email’ di masa lalu (baca: email2 sebelumnya), sehingga kadang efeknya diomelin rekan lain, karena ‘kejorokan’ kita yang menampilkan email-email lalu, problemnya, sampai saat ini cara untuk membersihkan email yang akan kita reply harus dilakukan secara manual, yaitu mengcopy email yang ada, melakukan delete original messages, lalu mempaste kembali message yang kita inginkan dan mulai mengedit/mendelete teks yang tidak kita inginkan.

sekarang hal tersebut sudah tidak perlu kita lakukan karena ada freeware PocketDay – Reply as New untuk Blackberry Edition. Silakan baca detil sekilas dibawa ini dan download software yang anda butuhkan.

PocketDay requires a color BlackBerry device with OS version 4.0 or higher. The 8700 series devices are also fully supported.
Important Notes
• When synchronizing with the desktop you should Exit PocketDay using the Menu/Exit command before you start a sync operation or an application install.

Current Known Issues
• Any appointments you might have (most likely these will be birthdays entered in Outlook) that have a tart date prior to 1970 will cause issues in PocketDay for the time when these would get displayed.
This has been escalated to RIM for resolution.
• There are problems with recurring appointments in the Week and Month views…They only show up on he start date. This is a known limitation acknowledged by RIM. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future software release.
• The Unread message count doesn’t include missed calls, any call log info or registration messages… if the count is off it’s because of this.
• Due to limitations in the BlackBerry developer tools, there is no access to the following:
o Calendar Events (Recurrence information)
o Tasks (Reminders and Categories)
• PocketDay cannot open email attachments. Use the standard message app for this.
Installation Instructions There are two ways to install PocketDay; via the desktop manager when your BlackBerry is connected to your computer or downloading it Over the Air (OTA) using the Blackberry’s web browser.

OTA downloads are recommended.

link : http://www.crossriversystems.com/files/pf/pdrn.jad


~ by celemotan on 26 November, 2007.

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